2022 Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting takes place at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver on November 17, 2022. Central to the event is the election of six new members to the Board of Directors.

If you are interested in running for election at the AGM please review the information on this webpage and submit your registration by no later than 11:59pm on Wednesday November 2, 2022.

Those seeking election to one of the six board of director’s positions must declare their candidacy by 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday November 2, 2022 using the registration form below. To successfully register candidates must:

  • have a current VBA membership;
  • be a member in good standing with the Law Society of British Columbia;
  • purchase a ticket to, and be in attendance at, the Annual General Meeting on November 17, 2022;
  • provide biographical statement of 200 words or less; and
  • upload a professional photograph or campaign graphic.

Candidate’s image and statement will be publicly available on a dedicated page of this website beginning November 3rd, a link to which will be broadcast through our email and social media.

Only current VBA members who are present at the AGM on November 17th may vote. Ballots are collected before dinner and the six candidates with the most votes are declared at the end of the evening, and appointed to the Board for their two-year term.

Once registered, candidates may start campaigning. There are only four rules and a few guidelines.

  1.     Candidates must be members in good standing with the LSBC and the VBA.
  2.     Only one person per firm may stand for election.
  3.     Candidates must submit their registrations before the November 2nd deadline.
  4.     Current Board members are prohibited from endorsing candidates or assisting with their campaigns.

Traditionally, most of the campaigning is done at the AGM. But, many candidates choose to contact friends and colleagues to announce their candidacy and encourage them to attend the event and vote in their favour.

Campaign messaging should be respectful, professional, and focused on one’s own merits. Awareness of the VBA’s mandate and programs is an asset. Slates and coalitions are discouraged and, frankly, have proven ineffective in past years.

At the AGM candidates traditionally hand out campaign pins/stickers while vying for votes. Candidates are also encouraged to provide the VBA with a single PowerPoint slide that will be displayed throughout the evening. Placing any materials on chairs, tables, or walls is strongly discouraged.

Ultimately, candidates are expected to use their best judgment and conduct themselves in a reasonable manner fitting with the VBA’s mandate and traditions.

The six successful candidates will sit alongside nine other Directors for a two-year term, maintaining good standing with the VBA and LSBC throughout. All directors can expect to attend monthly meetings and contribute their time, talent, and enthusiasm to both major and minor projects throughout their term. The monthly meetings are catered and in order to offset these, and other costs incurred by the board, directors must pay yearly fee in addition to their membership dues.

Their efforts are rewarded tenfold as serving on this board has been a uniquely social, positive, and enriching experience for more than 130 years. Again, we encourage you to reach out to any past or current director to find out more and we look forward to seeing you on November 17th.

Register your candidacy

*By submitting this form, I consent to allow the information contained in the registration to be published on the VBA website and may be shared through social media.