Barrister’s Lounge


The Vancouver Bar Association operates the Barristers’ Lounge at the Vancouver Law Courts.

Carl, a retired sheriff employed by the VBA, and Vern, a retired Registry clerk, oversee the day to day activities in the Lounge.  They administer the locker rentals and keep the coffee brewing during the morning hours.

The artwork on exhibit in the Barrister’s Lounge is made available through the Art Rental & Sales program at the Vancouver Art Gallery.  With a selection of over 800 artworks by 80 Canadian artists all for rent or purchase, Art Rental & Sales is a valuable resource for corporate and private art collectors. Rental fees are also a deductible business expense.

Here is the 2017 exhibit schedule for the Barrister’s Lounge shows:

  1. Sandrine Pelissier – January 20th to March 31st – Catalogue of work
  2. Barry Shelton  – March 31st to June 16th – Catalogue of work
  3. Rebecca Donald  – June 16th to September 1st
  4. Niina Chebry – September 1st to January 26th, 2018

Visit the Art Rental & Sales Showroom, located on the main floor of the Vancouver Art Gallery or view the available artworks online at