Community Giving

The Vancouver Bar Association remains committed to supporting worthwhile causes that serve our members needs and interests, either by adding a charitable component to our events or through direct support, where possible.

How to Apply

The Vancouver Bar Association is dedicated to working with organizations and causes that fit within our mandate to:

  • Foster harmonious relations among members of the Vancouver Bar;
  • Encourage a high standard of legal education, training and ethics; and
  • Uphold the honour and dignity of the profession of law.

If you feel your organization or cause fits within our mandate, we encourage you to contact us with your funding proposal. The proposal must not exceed four pages and must contain the following:

  • An outline of the project or initiative for which you are requesting funding;
  • How much funding you require;
  • How the funds will be used;
  • A list of other committed or approached donors, including government sources; and
  • A list of the directors or members involved in the project or initiative.

Additionally, please answer the following questions:

  • How does the project or initiative fit the VBA’s mandate?
  • Does the project or initiative involve logical partners for the VBA?
  • Does the project or initiative fill a previously unmet need?

Please upload your funding proposal and include the relevant information in the online form below:

All applications for funding within the calendar year must be submitted by no later than March 31.

Community Giving Application Form

Community Giving Application